Designing a Feng Shui Website

When designing a feng shui website there are many things to consider in order to be consistent with your business.  If you are selling feng shui items, you want to be at the top of the competition and the preferred source from the online shoppers.  Some of the things you can do include having excellent content, use space, and have excellent customer service.

One of the most important factors on the web today is the content.  Content includes every word on your site.  If you are selling indoor fountains, you don’t want to have content on your site irrelevant to the fountains.  If you go off on a tangent telling a story about the time your uncle filled out his USCIS forms online for his Green Card, people looking for a citizenship application might be finding your site.  Content brings the appropriate customers by tagging keywords for the search engines.  Always carefully research your keywords and use them properly to bring the right customers to your business.  Also, never copy content and ensure that the body of your content is true and accurate.  Inaccurate content can make you look bad as a business and cause you to lose trust with the customers and credibility.

Space is a big factor for a website many businesses don’t understand.  As an expert in feng shui, you would know that space is important in a home and it is on your site too.  White space is important because it is pleasing to the eyes.  As content is important to a site, too much of it can cause you to lose business.  If you have a lot of information you want to share with the customers, create a file for download so the customers can read it later.  Don’t fill your pages with tons of information or it will be irritating.  Most people shopping on the web are not looking for a book to read on website pages.  If they have to filter through pages and pages of reading, they will find a new online store to shop.

Excellent customer service still rings true for an online business.  The concept is the same but the service provided is no longer in person.  Being responsive is the number one factor of customer service.  You must be available and respond immediately when a customer sends an email or has a question about the products.  The best way to minimize random questions is to create a frequently asked questions page with as much information as possible.  This way, customers will refer to this page before they move forward with contacting you.

A feng shui website is a good idea if you are in the business and sell products focusing on this.  Many of the things you can do to be successful with your site include providing the right content to attract appropriate customers, use plenty of whitespace and let your customers know you care by being responsive.  You can be very successful if you plan your site carefully and take care of your customers.

Buying Feng Shui Gifts Online

If you have a friend that is into feng shui, you should consider the web as your medium for shopping for gifts.  The web is the best place to find items you cannot find locally, you can save money, and have gifts sent directly to your friends.  The web is the best place to shop for presents for your friends and family members.

Feng shui is one of those things that only a few people are into.  You might not even know what feng shui is but you hear a friend or someone you know talk about it all of the time.  If you don’t know what feng shui is then how are you supposed to buy a gift about it?  You won’t even know where to go shopping locally for these products also.  The internet is the best place to shop for feng shui products because you can research what feng shui is and the types of things that are related to the topic.  This will help you choose the right gift for your friend.  Shopping for gifts online also saves you time shopping so you don’t spend hours and hours driving around to different stores.

Saving money is the most important thing when shopping online.  One of the best reasons that shopping for feng shui products on the web will save you money is because you can comparison shop and find the lowest priced stores on the web.  You can buy products like edge protectors and cardboard edge protectors and even receive custom packaging solutions online.  Saving money can be done because you save on gas, time, and get the lowest price possible on the products.  You can even get shipping for free when you shop online.  Many gifts you purchase on the web can also be purchased tax-free.  If you live in a tourist town or a place where the sales taxes are significantly higher, you can save a lot of money on not paying taxes.

Another reason you might consider buying feng shui products online is because they can be sent directly to your friend or family member.  You can even have the businesses opt to custom wrap the items you buy online specific to the occasion.  This is nice because they can receive a gift with a professional wrap, especially if you aren’t very good at wrapping presents.  They will include a nice wrap job and a card with a small message on it for you.  The receipt will be emailed to you and the recipient will not know how much money you paid for the present.  Many people are reluctant about buying gifts online because they fear they will know how much money you paid.

Buying feng shui products online is the best option if you are looking to buy gifts for a friend or a family member.  You an save a lot of money by shopping on the web.  You can find things online that are not available in your local stores and the gifts can be gift wrapped.

Information about Feng Shui

For those of you that are not familiar with Feng Shui let us take just a moment to get you up to date so you will know what we are talking about. Especially those of you that may be reading up on getting your US Visa by studying the Immigration eBooks and then filling out your Immigration forms, you may be out of the proverbial loop on this one. Even though it is not a new concept as with all good things, a refresher course can’t hurt a thing.

Basically Feng Shui Bagua is a chart of sorts that helps you to connect the various avenues and areas in your life by dividing it into the divisions of space that you occupy. Typically this area is divided into primary areas. It helps things flow the way that they need to. There is no more worrying about the immigration forms or the immigration eBooks that you need to get your US Visa.

Ideally your bagua needs to be somewhere on the basic floor plan of the area in question. It could be your home or office or simple any other space that you intend on occupying. Once it has been placed we can begin to look things over and see where the trouble is and figure out how to fix thing sin the best manner possible.

When practicing feng shui the feng shui bagua it is used to help to figure out the way your environment and the other part of your life. These are the areas that affect your life the most and are the major points that you need to consider. These are - in no particular order - your health, your family, love, money or wealth, your children and creativity, your career, your reputation and wisdom also come in to play here. You will see that each and every area is covered and coincides with an area of the bagua chart.

If you look carefully at the bagua you will see that the center area is left to handle all of the other area. These are then subdivided into smaller areas that are commonly referred to as guas and are arranged in a batch of three rows of three, In fact when all of the pieces and parts are assembled together it starts to look ore like a game than it does a rather sophisticated and complicated device.

As you go about your daily life and ready yourself for the immigrations forms that need to be completed to get your US Visas by studying your Immigration eBook, rest assured that nit does not truly matter what you specific beliefs on the feng shui bagua are. It is just another took that will help to make your life a better and happier place,

The bottom line is that it can not hurt to allow the ancient art to use a little tried and honored traditions to help to keep things in your world on an even keel as you go from day to day.

Is Feng Shui for you?

If you are here reading this, then there is a good chance that you know all about Feng Shui. The people that believe in Feng Shui think that it holds the answers to everything that is important in their world. People that do not believe in it simply think it is an excuse for the way other people act. People can liken it to baby clothes and designer diaper bags loaded with cute baby clothes all arranged in a certain way. To the person that packed the bag, it is exactly what and how they wanted it to be. To the onlooker simply gazing into the bag, it is a bit over the top with little bearing on reality.

So what is there about Feng Shui that attracts people? Is it the desire to improve your relationship with some ancient practice? Is it merely a way to get you through the day? Baby clothes are something that is necessary for a young child. But is it necessary to have a designer diaper bag full of cute baby clothes? More than likely the answer to this question is going to be a resounding no. However, if you are the person with that particular bag full of clothes or the baby that has a parent that has that bag it is going to be important to you,

A nice flow through your home will do wonders towards making your life a more harmonious thing. Feng Shui will allow that to happen. It’s not really magic; it’s not really a true ancient science. It is a way for you to allow a harmonious flow through your home that will make things easier on all that happen through.

It will reduce the clutter that has built up over the months and years of living at one location and will create a wonder sense of harmony in the home. Simply by the nature of removing the clutter, the stress in the home will be reduced by a marked amount and there is also something that is known as the placebo effect. This is a real phenomenon where the power of the mind, where the person actually thinks that Feng Shui is making a difference, actually starts to believe that it does. This can be likened to the old sugar pill scenario where a doctor gives a patient a placebo pill made of sugar and the person’s own mind, convinced that the pill is real, actually heals its self.

The truth of the Feng Shui actually is likely to lie somewhere in between all of those many possibilities and may lean heaver to one for me and towards another for you. The truth is that removing the clutter in our lives today can do nothing more than good things for us all and the end result will be less stress and a healthier environment with some harmonious overtones.

And there certainly is absolutely nothing wrong with that happening in our lives no matter how you look at it.

Can Feng Shui Make You Healthier and Wealthier?

Advocates of feng shui claim the ancient practice can do everything from improve relationships, to promote health, to increase wealth, to improve spiritual connections. Skeptics, however, think that feng shui is little more than a fancy way or trendy away of arranging furniture. What is the truth?

Of course, no extensive research studies have been done to prove that feng shui, beyond a shadow of a doubt, improves health or wealth. However, feng shui has been successfully used by practitioners for thousands of years, and the number of people who swear by it is growing. At the very least, feng shui cannot hurt, and it may help. However, common sense does suggest that feng shui may in fact at least promote wealth and health in a few significant ways:

1) Reducing clutter. One of the main principles of feng shui is to reduce clutter in the home and create a sense of harmony. This creates a more spacious, comfortable, and better organized living space. For example, feng shui practitioners recommend keeping like objects together, which may make it easier for you to find those important immigration forms or green card renewal forms from the USCIS, those tax returns, or those important tax receipts. Studies have shown that clutter can help reduce stress, as well, which can help improve your overall health. Of course, reducing clutter and staying organized can help you attract more wealth by helping you stay on top of financial details such as bills, refunds, and more.

2) Reducing stress. The principles of feng shui recommend creating a pleasant home environment by using various elements associated with the earth – elements such as wood, water, and so forth. A pleasant home environment, in turn, can help reduce stress, which can allow you to focus better on work and therefore focus more on wealth attainment. Plus, reduced stress has been proven by researchers to help improve your overall health and lower your blood pressure.

3) The placebo effect. Plenty has been written about the placebo effect. In essence, the placebo effect means that a patient’s own belief in a cure can help make that cure more effective. In research studies, patients who believe that they’re being given a powerful new drug even when they are just being given a sugar tablet sometimes experience the desired effect of that powerful new drug, simply because of the patient’s own belief system. Therefore, people who strongly believe that feng shui can help them improve their health and wealth may find themselves living out a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Feng Shui in Bedroom

Bedroom is the most important and sacred place in a house. It is the place where everyone retreat to have a good night rest and sleep. It should be peaceful,comforting and relaxing. Your feng shui bedroom should place much emphasis on the design structure of the bedroom as well as the decorations in the bedroom. Therefore it is very important to have a good feng shui bedroom that encourages good chi, otherwise you will create unnecessary problems affecting your daily life.

Proper planning is essential in deciding your feng shui bedroom. A window behind a bed signifies a bad feng shui bedroom. This arrangement makes a sleeping person vulnerable to yin spirit formation. Common sense comes into play again. Cold air from the night affects a persons sleep and this in turn make a person grumpy and snappy.

A good feng shui bedroom uses soft pastels in shades of beige, green, blue and yellow which are are ideal for a tranquil and peaceful sleep. Stay away from bright colours such as red or orange as they will keep you from enjoying deep sleep.

Common sense does play a part in designing your feng shui bedroom. Flowers will compete with you for oxygen during the night and water from the fish tanks can cause moisture and dampness to your bedroom furniture. Your plants and aquariums should be placed outside the bedroom to prevent you from having health and wealth problems.

Open up the windows in your bedroom during the day. This is to allow good chi or energy to flow freely around your bedroom. You should also ensure that your bedroom is free of clutter and well maintained. This is part of a good feng shui bedroom habit which will help to dispel stagnant chi that may cause health and money related problems.

Exposed overhead beams represent knives cutting across the bed, sending sha chi or killing energy to the sleeping person. Exposed overhead beams represent a harmful and hazardous feng shui bedroom as it will cause family disharmony and incessant quarrels. The effect will be more potent if the overhead beams are structural.

You should implement these few simple feng shui bedroom tips to your bedroom and you will start to see small significant improvement over your life almost immediately. The 5 feng shui bedroom tips are only a small part of a larger collection of feng shui bedroom tips, to read more go to.

Basically, feng shui bedrooms are based on the idea that everything in your environment affects the course of your life. Likewise your nature, actions and will power play a grand role in determining your destiny. Feng shui techniques are all about uniting these inner and outer factors to make positive transformation possible in every way. It is definitely a logical and scientific method of arranging the environment to bring happiness and satisfaction. Factors that influence the environment of your bedroom are its shape, design and arrangement of things. To make a perfect feng shui bedroom, a feng shui expert examines all these factors and then only he suggests possible changes in arrangement of things.
According to experts, rectangular and square shaped bedrooms are considered the best ones in feng shui. Such shapes allow the smooth flow of positive vibrations and keep the place peaceful and soothing. Though one cannot make changes in home architectures but rooms with single entrance are considered the best for making a feng shi bedroom. When the bedroom has two doors, positive vibrations will not remain harmonically in the room and the occupants will not sleep as peacefully. For making a perfect feng shui bedrooms it is important to allow more positive vibrations enter in the bedroom. This can be done though more and more sunlight preservation into the bedroom during the day.
The correct combination of furniture, wall paintings, art objects and extra decorative items is essential when it comes to the room we spend most of our lives in: the bedroom. Therefore, bedroom feng shui applications provide us with the tools necessary to create a place where the stress of work and the problems of the day are left out. Romance, good night rest and great relaxation, this is what bedroom feng shui aims at in terms of immediate accomplishments. In order to understand the importance of harmonious arrangements, simply think of how depressing and unwelcoming, an untidy, dark bedroom looks like.

Avoid clutter is another bedroom feng shui command. It is preferable that you dont bring work things in the bedroom such as books, documents or even the computer. The presence of too many objects cluttered in wardrobe or drawers tends to overcloud your thinking, preventing you from being organized in other life sectors. If you feel depressed or lethargic in the morning, have a look around and see what it is that bothers you in the bedroom. Feng shui could then provide you much more easily with a solution, if you also use your personal sensitivity to identify the source of disharmony.

Using the Five Elements of Feng Shui with Your Interior Design

If you are starting a vintage clothing store and you want to integrate the five elements of Feng Shui into the atmosphere and design there are many ways to do this. First, you must know what the five elements are and how to integrate these so you have a balanced store. These five elements include fire, earth, metal, wood, and water.

Wood is the first element of Feng Shui because it is considered to be the element of new life. Wood is the originator of the elemental five cycle of Feng Shui. If you are opening a store selling vintage dresses do not mistake wood furniture as the solution for the element for a Feng Shui solution. The best solution for wood is to use a bushy plant or a shrub. Wood can be represented by the color green and the plant must be alive. Do not bring a fake plant into your men’s vintage clothing store because it will only bring in bad vibes.

The next element is the fire or yang. The fire is the hot summer element for blast of heat. A candle or the color red works well for this element in Feng Shui. The color red is more recommended that a candle is because the risk of a fire is not something that you want in your store. Plus, some candles put off a lot of smoke when you blow them out. The smoke could set off the sprinklers in your clothing store and ruin the merchandise if the smoke was bad enough. This has happened, so try to focus on the color red.

Earth is the third element of Feng Shui and an interesting one. Many people choose to use earth tone colors to fill this element but the problem is that the colors are not as effective as using the actual Earth element. Ways you can achieve the element include using pots filled with dirt, boulders as pieces, or anything with the conception of dirt. Earth is the center of the Feng Shui and it should be located in the Northeast of the store so there is a prosperous influence.

The next element of Feng Shui is metal. Metal comes in many forms like silver, copper, gold, and even bronze. These elements can be used in many creative ideas. You might hang something on the wall, put on a pedestal, and even use hanging from the ceiling. There are so many Feng Shui solutions you can have in your store to build a balance. White, silver, and gold colors are used with metal elements and they should not be identified as Feng Shui solutions to your design either.

The final elemental piece to the Feng Shui design is water. Water is where life comes from on the entire planet. Water is the reason for the entire existence. Our bodies are almost entirely water. This element is useful and needed. It should be flowing and clear somewhere in the store. There are plenty of fountains that you can use but it is best to use a metal fountain. Ceramic is a bad mistake because it will block the positive effect of the water element. Metal works well with the water element to create the flow and the positive atmosphere.

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Feng Shui Colors - Seeing the World in a Different Chroma

Humans are meaning-making machines, and they tend to attach meanings beyond simple object and events. Most of our psychological, emotional and physical reactions can be derived from colors. No wonder our traffic lights are color-coded.

The Guiding Principle

Feng Shui knows the link between man and colors and instead of making people fight it mano a mano, the discipline of Feng Shui teaches people to work with the hues. Feng Shui Colors are categorized into two - the yin colors and the yang colors. It is thought that all things have these colors, and by using the colors (by itself or with other colors), one can strengthen the elements of Feng Shui and create wholeness.

Balance is the central idea in using the Feng Shui Colors. Each color has its own attributes and characteristics. While using these colors can be beneficial, using them in excess can be counter-productive or even destructive. So it pays to know more about Feng Shui Colors before using it in your physical environment.

The Colors of Yin

Black. Black symbolizes strength and force. Using this color sparingly can be seen as a way of ending conflict and starting anew. Too much of this color, however, tends to lower the morale of the occupants.

Blue. Blue is the Feng Shui color for honor, truth and faith, but it could also symbolize tranquility, peace, trust and wisdom. While blue has all these good attributes, too much blue is often seen to cause occupants to argue about very small matter issues.

Green. Green is the color for harmony, healing, health, balance, wealth and growth. However, green is also seen as colors of infidelity and dishonesty. Use this color sparingly, or you might cause the occupants to become exceedingly jealous.

Other colors of yin include pink (which symbolizes love), purple (spiritual awareness and royalty), silver (trustworthiness and romance) and gray (indecisiveness and disharmony).

The Colors of Yang

White. White is the color of light and purity in Feng Shui. It also denotes goodness, poise and confidence. You can use this color in combination with other colors like gold and silver.

Red. Red is the color of good fortune in Feng Shui. It is also the color conduit of money, confidence, luck, protection, and joy. While it has its benefits, too much red can cause emotional outbursts and hot tempers to flare up among occupants.
Yellow. Yellow is akin to sunbeam with all of its motion and warmth. This color is important in Feng Shui as it denotes prestige and high honors, health and cheerfulness. However, prolonged exposure to this color can result to anxiety and stubbornness.

Gold. Gold represents the positive chi energy. It is also the Feng Shui color for good luck and treasure. However, be sparing when using this color, as too much gold in your environment might cause the occupants to put money concerns above family relationships.

Other colors of yang include orange (symbol of concentration, purpose, and organization), tan (neatness), and brown (reliability and industry).

What is a Feng Shui Bagua?

Feng Shui BaguaFeng Shui bagua is a chart which connects the different areas in your life to the 8 divisions or sections of the space that you occupy.  It is a very essential tool especially needed by those who want to get started on studying and practicing feng shui.

How Fen Shui Bagua Works

The bagua should be placed on the floor plan of your perspective home, office, or any space that you would occupy, and this will determine the problem areas, and once this is apparent, “fixing” the area is possible.

The importance of the feng shui bagua is never underestimated in the field of feng shui since this will help you understand the relationship between the environment and different aspects of your lives.  The major life areas are health and family, love, wealth, children and creativity, travel and helpful relationships, wisdom, reputation, and career.  Each aspect is represented by a certain area on the bagua chart.

The area in the center of the bagua is for all the other areas, and the result is that the bagua can be represented by a larger square, divided into 9 squares that are smaller known as “guas”, arranged in 3 rows of 3.  The look is actually very similar to a set of tiles or a game board.

The Universal Application of the Feng Shui Bagua

The bagua is such a powerful and significant tool that greatly affects your quality of life.  Once you have truly understood the basics regarding the feng shui bagua, you can make certain changes in the space that you occupy regardless of its size.  You will not only attract positive energy but you will be able to recognize powers pots as well which are the most important elements in the practice of feng shui.  This is crucial since the powers spots are gauged not only by what is currently taking place in your life, but by how your space was designed and by the uniqueness of each family member and other people who share your space.

No matter what your beliefs are, practicing feng shui and relying on tools such as bagua will dramatically improve your life as long as you know who to consult and how to apply the proper and exact methods that are applicable to you as an individual and to the people around you.  Having sufficient knowledge and the right tools may just be the key to the positive changes that you are seeking for.

Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui is the science and art of comprehending nature’s forces so that we can live accordingly and attract positive energy and block or neutralize the negative energy. It is not based on superstitious beliefs but rather relies on understanding why fortune is sometimes good, and other times, bad.

How to Spot an Authentic Feng Shui Consultant

Nowadays, there are lots of people who practice feng shui and claim to be experts. Feng shui is such a vital factor in attracting positive energy including good health and wealth; therefore, we should be very careful when looking for a feng shui consultant.

Your chosen consultant should have studied in a reputable school and not someone who merely gained knowledge by consulting off-the-rack books. Although books are considered good sources, the reputation of the writer or the author should be researched as well. Ask around for a practitioner who values and fully understands the origins of feng shui and can explain clearly to you what he knows. True feng shui consultants should be able to be expound the rationale behind the recommendations that were given to you. You need to understand why certain things in your house need to be moved, why you should add specific ornaments, or why you should color coordinate in a certain fashion. There is always a reason for everything and you shouldn’t be advised to do things just because of intuition.

Knowledge Helps

There are various written materials that you can consult so that you will have more or less have an idea as to the basic rules and guidelines in feng shui. Always remember that what may have worked for others may not always work for you because each person is unique and has his own circumstance. The authentic feng shui practitioners have had very good and solid education and have undergone apprenticeship; things that are not quite easy to do. Feng shui is not something that you can unravel overnight nor it is a matter of relying on gut feel. There are many things to consider before actually applying certain rules to your daily living.

Unfortunately, many have capitalized on feng shui and were able to deceive some people, especially those who are on a tight budget. Some even managed to put up his own consultation booth and charged excessively even if their knowledge is very limited. Those who wish to find the true masters should not only practice sound judgment but should be extra cautious as well.